How do we work?

Our software engineers have a solid university or graduate degree in computer science, 5 to 15 years of hard, real-life industry experience and a healthy interest in the more advanced aspects of software development.

We swear by cross-platform technologies - and we practice what we preach. Our central Linux servers hold our source code repositories, issue tracking and time logging software while development and testing takes place on a mixture of Macintosh, Linux and Windows workstations. On each platform we use best of breed tools and environments.

Our ever growing library holds both the standard works in the field of computer science as well as the latest books on specific technologies. We use our internet connection to continuously track the latest developments.

Beta Nine has ample experience with today's technologies, object oriented analysis, design and implementation using multiple languages and tools, working on different platforms, in projects of all sizes for a diverse set of clients.

Our expertise:

  • software development, project management, mentoring and consultancy
  • real-life implementation of the Extreme Programming (XP) agile development methodology
  • multiple platforms: Java, Unix/Linux servers and clients, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • multiple languages: 10 years of Java (J2ME, J2SE and J2EE), 15 years of Smalltalk and Common Lisp, C, C++
  • relational databases (SQL, 2-tier client/server)
  • distributed objects (OMG CORBA, J2EE: n-tier client/server computing)
  • frameworks, software design, design patterns, quality and reusability: practice and theory
  • software process support including source code management, testing, issue tracking and documentation systems